Aald Hielpen, Traditional costumes, songs and dances from Hindeloopen, the Netherlands

Vrouwen bij de sluis‘Aald Hielpen’, one of the oldest, costume wearing, choral- and dance groups in the Netherlands, was founded in 1912. According to the founders, the colourful costumes, the special songs and the old customs and habits of Hindeloopen should not be lost.

They started with just costume shows. Shortly after that the show was extended with songs in the Hindeloopen language. Next, the old dances and still later acting was added. So now ‘Aald Hielpen’ can offer various different shows that last all evening if you like.

On average, the group puts on their costumes 30 times a year. In recent years ‘Aald Hielpen’ danced in many countries, like Japan, Amerika, Sweden and France. Most shows are in the Netherlands.

‘Aald Hielpen’ makes appearances at festivals, street fairs, in old-persons’s homes, during cultural evenings, at openings and conferences or at weddings and party’s. But you can also see us each summer at the cosy ‘Vondelingen’ square or ‘Havenkade’ in Hindeloopen, our home town. We hope to welcome you at one of our shows one time.


Aald Hielpen currently offers the following shows:

Song, dance and history of Hindeloopen:
This show is the one that is most frequently performed: dance and song, alternated with explanations of Hindeloopen’s history and its characteristic costume. This is also the show that is the most flexible. Adjustment to a location, shortening or lengthening the show, more attention to the dances, history of Hindeloopen or its costume, everything is possible.Aald Hielpen dansing on the dyk

Furthermore, we can add the teaching of a few of our dances. It will not take long for our experienced dancers to teach you some of our well known dances. In the old days, the songs and dances from this show were sung and danced in Hindeloopen and other seashore villages. Apart from the Dutch songs that were customary then, we also have a number of old songs in the Hindeloopen language on our repertoire. When dancing and singing, the group is accompanied by musicians who mostly use accordions. Other instruments are for example: flute, drums, stampstick, gûfe (rommelpot), ‘Noordske balke’ and a hurdy-gurdy.

Costume show and demonstration of painting Hindeloopen style:
We will explain the history of Hindeloopen and several details of the Hindeloopen costume, by showing you a series of slides. After that, a costume show gives you an impression of the many variations of the rich Hindeloopen costume. Dependent on the time and location, it is possible to show you various children’s costumes. During the break and afterwards, you will be able to see how a painter applies stylish Hindeloopen curls and flowers on furniture, (dinner)trays or other utensils. A presentation of slides about painting Hindeloopen style is also possible.

Please contact us when you have questions about prices, available dates, or a show. You can see how you can contact us on the Contact page. Together with you we will surely be able to make it a successful event.